PP-setting boardgame design document


Each colony tile has the following stats: safety (bad events), mystery (neutral events) and prosperity (good events). These are to be visually noted on the board (printed on) and mentioned in passing on the rulebook. The stats will allow cards to act different on different colonies.

Table of movement


Rulebook text

Welcome to [board game name]. In this boardgame, you adventure through the colonies featured in [series or book name]. Your mission is to get the leader of each colony to support your adventures.

Game setup

  1. Put the leader cards on their respective colonies, indicated on the board.
  2. Shuffle the item deck and the two event decks; place each in the marked areas of the board.
  3. Take turns putting your pieces down on a colony tile, clockwise from the oldest player present. You cannot choose a colony someone else picked.
  4. The person who placed their piece last has the first turn.


  1. When you first start your turn, if you are on a colony, check if you have the leader card that belongs to the colony. If you don't and the colony still has cards in it, take a leader card.
  2. Draw an item card. If you have more than 3, discard one. You can discard the card you just drew.
  3. If you're on a colony, draw an event card from the colony deck. If you're on a transfer orbit, draw an event card from the transfer orbit deck. The card will tell you what to do.
  4. Play an item card if you wish, then move to an adjacent tile.
A flowchart of the turn process. Click for full size.

List of cards

Item cards

Colony event cards

Transfer orbit event cards

Leader cards

  1. Moon: leader of moon colony, list name here later.
  2. Spacestations: leader of that colony, list all and names later.

Playable pieces



Moon, all five spacestation colonies are colony tiles. Each colony is separated from another by transfer orbit tiles. The planet is not accessible due to its toxic atmosphere.